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 Airflow Products

Tek-Air Airflow Products are designed for precise airflow measurement, monitoring and control. Many of our products are designed for direct input to the Building Automation System (BAS) to provide accurate airflow measurement for many types of applications including Outside Air, Duct and Fan Inlet airflow measurement. Our line of pneumatic airflow control valves provides low pressure drop and linear airflow control for high level safety control spaces when required.

Vortek Airflow Measurement Probes/Transmitter

The Vortek Airflow Measurement (VT Series) line of products provides accurate, linear airflow measurement and is available for duct insertion and fan inlet installation. The Individual sensors on the probes provide pulse type electronic output signals which are directly proportional and linear to the airflow velocity. They are impervious to contaminants and are not affected by temperature, pressure and relative humidity. These digital signals are totalized in the companion transmitter and converted to an industry standard, 4‐20mA output signal (1‐5 VDC and 2‐10 VDC are selectable by jumper). Probes are pre‐connected to the transmitter, eliminating the need for complex field terminations. The Vortek transmitter operates on industry standard 24 VAC power with very low power consumption.
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  • Small duct airflow measurement (Round, Rectangular or Oval duct up to 4 sq. ft.)
  • Accuracy: +/-2% of reading


  • For larger ductwork (Round, Rectangular or Oval duct up to 16 sq. ft. or when transmitters need to be mounted remotely from the probes)
  • Accuracy: +/-2% of reading


  • For larger fan inlet (Vane Axial, SWSI, DWDI and Plug type larger than 24 in. diameter)
  • Accuracy: +/-2% of reading


  • For smaller fan inlet (SWSI and DWDI)
  • Accuracy: +/-2% of reading

TFP Series Differential Pressure Airflow Measurement Probes

The TFP Series Differential Airflow Measurement probes generate an amplified differential pressure signal, improving the ability to make low velocity measurements and are available for duct insertion and fan inlet installation. Insertion Probes can easily be installed in either new or existing ductwork by cutting small entry holes in either side and installing the sensors across the duct area. Where the sensor must be removed for periodic inspection or cleaning, insertion probes provide an excellent measurement solution.
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  • Duct airflow measurement (Round, Rectangular or Oval duct)
  • Provides superior airflow measurement performance with large YAW angles


  • For fan inlet airflow measurement (Vane Axial, SWSI and DWDI type)
  • Provides superior airflow measurement performance with large YAW angles

IAQ Outdoor Air Volume Measuring System

The IAQ‐Tek Outdoor Air Volume Measuring System simplifies outdoor air measurement at the entrance to fan systems by incorporating a measurement probe designed specifically for the low velocities and high turbulence associated with outdoor air intakes. The IAQ‐Tek includes an 80 character display and keypad with three series of preprogrammed instructions to lead setup persons through the proper routine. Instructions are specific for Temperature Control Contractor, Air Balancer and User addressing each individual requirement.
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  • Simple installation
  • Designed specifically for low velocities associated with outside air intakes
  • Pre-programmed instructions for easy set-up

ISO‐Tek Space Pressurization Monitor System

Tek‐Air's ISO‐Tek SPM2000 space pressurization monitor is designed specifically for the continuous monitoring of the space differential pressure for Hospitals, Laboratories, Clean Rooms and Pharmaceutical Production Areas. The monitoring system measures transfer air velocities and pressures bi‐directionally, allowing room polarity indexing by remote switch or through Building Automation System. The monitoring system also utilizes high accuracy, low drift, micro‐machined, thermal mass airflow sensors capable of measuring ultra‐low pressures as low as 0.001"wc.
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  • High accuracy, low drift thermal mass airflow sensors measuring ultra‐low pressures
  • Room display module with alarm capabilities
  • Analog status signal and digital alarm contact to Building Automation System

Pneumatic Airflow Control Valves

The PRD5000 Airflow Control Valve is intended for duct‐mounted or plenum mounted applications, and consists of pneumatically controlled airfoils within a valve body. The valve is provided with a factory-installed, high volume electro pneumatic transducer. The valve follows a controller's analog signal, which changes the pressure to the vanes in the valve, and modulates the airflow in the duct by increasing and decreasing the open area of the valve. Modulation is linear over a 20 to 1 range.

The PVT2000 is a precision airflow control valve consisting of a VorTek VT2000 airflow measuring device mounted in the inlet of the airflow control valve and a factory‐installed high volume electro pneumatic transducer. Both of these pneumatically controlled airflow valves are well suited to contaminated and corrosive airstreams.
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  • Low pressure drop with fast speed of response
  • Linear control


  • PRD5000 with Vortek airflow measurement and high-speed transducer
  • High accuracy flow measurement with true flow feedback

Tek-Air Legacy Products

Tek-Air Legacy Products include:

  • SLC2000 Smart‐Lab Room Controller
  • LIM2000 Laboratory Interface Module for Smart‐Lab Controller
  • FVC2100/2200 Fume Hood Face Velocity Monitor and Controller
  • FVC2600 Sash Sensing VAV Fume Hood System

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